Our Sporting Highlights of 2018

It has been another dramatic year of sport; with many hearts, streaks and records broken in the process.

We have picked out our top 3 sporting moments from 2018. Please have a read and let us know if you agree!

Our Sporting Moment of 2018 - Number 3

To perform at the highest level in sport is an impressive achievement in itself, but to do so for a staggering 13 years brings with it legendary status. Alastair Cook has certainly warranted such a prestigious title. After first being selected back in 2005, the 'Chef' now retires with a World Class record of over 12,000 runs in a staggering 161 test appearances. His final outing for England was just as remarkable, the country's record scorer bowed out of International cricket with a truly impressive 147 - a Hollywood style ending for a man that has dedicated his life to professional sport.

Our Sporting Moment of 2018 - Number 2

Arguably one of the most iconic sportsman of all time, Tiger Woods, has achieved all that can be achieved in the world of golf. He has won numerous tour titles, a staggering 14 majors and has spent many years at number one throughout his illustrious career. But, not many expected him to compete at the top level again, especially after dropping below the top 1000 ranked players in the world. However, 2018 saw a rejuvenated 'Big Cat' with two runner up finishes, before then completing the breathtaking comeback and winning the season ending Tour Championship. The fairways and clouds aligned for Woods, who was noticeably taken back by the magnitude of this win, "I just can't believe I've pulled this off" - which in itself summarises just how emphatic this win was.

Our Sporting Moment of 2018 - Our Favourite

It couldn't be anything else, let's face it... England's World Cup penalty shoot-out against Colombia brought tears to many eyes, both young and old. It was their first spot-kick success in over 20 years - with their last one dating all the way back to Euro 1996, where they defeated Spain. The result galvanised the nation. It made the country believe, it re-united long lost friends, it attracted completely new football fans and most importantly it made the country forget about Brexit. Ultimately, England couldn't complete the job but they had given millions of people memories that they will cherish for a lifetime.