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Browse our full range of Tennis Rackets and Balls including a variety of options for beginners, intermediate and club quality use. Our discounted products are carefully picked for junior, senior schools and clubs providing an affordable, reliable product choice. Buy Online Now!

We stock both yellow ball tennis as well as Mini tennis is a great way for kids to develop their skills. It is broken down in to 3 stages. Stage 3 (4-8 years) which uses at 75% slower ball, Stage 2 (8-9 years) which uses a 50% slower ball and then Stage 1 (9-10 years) which uses a 25% slower tennis ball.

Tennis racket sizes are as follows 19inch (<4 years), 21inch (4-5 years), 23inch (6-8 years), 25inch (9-10 years), 26inch (10 years+), 27inch (adults).