Browse our complete range of swimming training equipment including affordable aids such as pull buoys, unifloats, hand paddles and kick boards. Also available for purchase include discount prices on mesh bags, equipment rucksacks, armbands. Buy Online Now!

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Maru Pull Buoy Float Senior

Maru Pull Buoy Float Senior£7.95  -  £8.95

Maru Swimming Training Fins

Maru Swimming Training Fins£18.95  -  £20.95

Maru Two Grip Fitness Kickboard Floats

Maru Two Grip Fitness Kickboard Floats£10.95  -  £11.95

Maru Mesh Swim Bag

Maru Mesh Swim Bag£7.00

Maru Swimming Hand Paddles

Maru Swimming Hand Paddles£9.95

Maru Swim Nose Clips

Maru Swim Nose Clips£3.00

Maru Swim Silicone Ear Plugs

Maru Swim Silicone Ear Plugs£3.00

Standard Megaphone

Standard Megaphone£54.95

Mini Megaphone

Mini Megaphone£34.95

Plastic Whistle (Red, Blue Black)

Plastic Whistle (Red, Blue Black)£0.90  -  £1.40

Swim Float

Swim Float£3.50

Water Noodle

Water Noodle£4.95

Air Horn

Air Horn£13.95


Page 1 of 1:    17 Items