Sure Shot 5m Portable Badminton Set

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Sure Shot
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Sure Shot 5m Badminton Set 

Introduced by Badminton England as a great way to have fun in the garden or on the beach, in the park or playground. The Sure Shot Quick Fit Set has everything contained in a single mid-sized box that can easily fit into any car boot. This pack offers a great opportunity to play the sport together. It only takes 2 minutes to assemble.

The Quick fit 5m set is designed to be totally portable and allow you to play a game of Badminton wherever you go. The sets include two rackets, 3 three shuttles and a 5-metre net and post set - all contained within a tough carry box. Making it ideal for home use in the garden or taking on any day trips or holidays. With a quick fit designed – the net can be setup in minutes and ready to play.

The set includes the unique Air Badminton Outdoor Shuttle. Developed by the Badminton World Federation the shuttle provides the opportunity for people to play badminton outdoors – on grass, sand or playgrounds. The design of the shuttle ensures it flies through the air unaffected by wind or breeze in the way a standard shuttle would. Transforming Badminton from being a purely indoor sport to one that can be successfully played outdoors.

The Sure Shot Outdoor Badminton 5m Senior Pack includes:

1 x 5m Quick Fit Post and Net Set

2 x Senior Athens Racket

  • Length:                       26.35” / 66cm Adult length
  • Construction:               Two-piece
  • Head:                          Tempered Steel
  • Shaft:                                  Tempered Steel
  • Connection:                       ‘T’ Piece
  • Grip size:                            G2
  • Grip:                                    PVC grip
  • String:                                Lawn Tex White nylon
  • String Tension:                 18 – 20lbs
  • Weight:                              116 grams
  • Colour:                                Blue, White, and Silver colour scheme with ‘Athens’ detail

3 x Sure Shot Outdoor Badminton Shuttles

  • Developed by the Badminton World Federation
  • Uniquely designed for outdoor conditions
  • Rubber head with nylon skirt

CEN71 certificate


Weight 3.2kg

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