Jump for Joy Large and Small Wedges

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Jump for Joy
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Large and small wedges are designed to assist in backward and forward rolls. The feeler strips guide hand position.

The Jump for Joy sport range is ideal for both teachers and aspiring gymnasts at Key Stages 1 and 2. Designed in association with British Gymnastics, it offers a complete activity programme for general gymnastics allowing children to explore motor development and help them understand the need for body preparation and fitness.

Triple barrier fire protection- Premier quality combustion modifield Safeguard foam is wrapped within a fire resistant cotton fabric which is essential to comply with the Sports Council fire test SCFM87 using ignition source 5. A third barrier is added in the form of a colourful tough PVC coated nylon covering which is supple and easily cleaned.

Please state required size.

  • Large Wedge is 762x1220x601mm.
  • Small Wedge is 457x914x457mm.
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