Jump for Joy Large and Small Bridges

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Jump for Joy
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Large and Small Bridges can be used to lie back on and kick over. The two bridges combined provide a port hole to wriggle through.

The Jump for Joy sport range is ideal for both teachers and aspiring gymnasts at Key Stages 1 and 2. Designed in association with British Gymnastics, it offers a complete activity programme for general gymnastics allowing children to explore motor development and help them understand the need for body preparation and fitness.

Triple barrier fire protection- Premier quality combustion modifield Safeguard foam is wrapped within a fire resistant cotton fabric which is essential to comply with the Sports Council fire test SCFM87 using ignition source 5. A third barrier is added in the form of a colourful tough PVC coated nylon covering which is supple and easily cleaned.

Please state required size.

  • Large Bridge is 508x914x813mm.
  • Small Bridge is 508x914x483mm.
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