T-Shirts / Shorts

Variety of branded and unbranded t-shirts and shorts. Ideal for training, sports clubs and uniforms. With a wide price range, please view our range of kit with colours to suit all. Branded options include; Mitre, Stanno, Joma and Macron. Ideal for any athletics, football, rugby and all sports clubs. Extra discount and personalisation available!

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AWDis Kids Cool T-Shirt

AWDis Kids Cool T-Shirt£6.00

AWDis Girlie Cool T-Shirt

AWDis Girlie Cool T-Shirt£6.25

AWDis Mens Cool T-Shirt

AWDis Mens Cool T-Shirt£6.25

AWDis Kids Cool Shorts

AWDis Kids Cool Shorts£7.50

AWDis Adult Cool Shorts

AWDis Adult Cool Shorts£10.42

Stanno Prestige T-Shirt

Stanno Prestige T-Shirt£14.25

AWDis Contrast Tee

AWDis Contrast Tee£8.33

AWDis Junior Contrast Tee

AWDis Junior Contrast Tee£7.50

Joma Combi Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Joma Combi Short Sleeve T-Shirt£7.25  -  £7.65

Joma Crew II T-Shirt

Joma Crew II T-Shirt£10.42  -  £11.25

Macron Boost T-Shirt Pack of 5

Macron Boost T-Shirt Pack of 5£33.75

Macron Flute Cotton T-Shirt

Macron Flute Cotton T-Shirt£9.15  -  £11.00

Macron Titan Sports Shirt£14.10

Stanno Field Shorts

Stanno Field Shorts£4.99

Stanno Field T-Shirt

Stanno Field T-Shirt£6.99


Page 1 of 1:    17 Items